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For Crying OutLoud! Charges an agency booking fee per session, per day. On occasion, high demand and low supply may require us to ask you to offer more than the below recommended rates in order to secure a sitter.

Multiple sitter sessions can be purchased in packages of 5, 10 or 20 bookings. Booking packages expire 12 months from the date of the first booking session. All multiple sitter session booking fee purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable. (These packages are NOT available for any permanent babysitting arrangements)

An agency fee for a permanent arrangement will be determined based on the specific requirements from each individual family. Please contact us via phone or email for any further enquiries.

Please find For Crying OutLoud!s agency fees below.

Agency booking fees 

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AU$)

Booking Fee for 1 sitter session


Booking Fee for same day booking


Booking Fee for an overnight/24 hr booking


Combined family booking fee for 1 session


Per sitter (for bookings needing more than 1 sitter)


Booking fee- Public Holidays


Permanent Booking fee


Removing a sitter from the agency’s books



Agency booking fees (Packages)

Booking Fee for 1 sitter session


Booking Fee for 5 sitter sessions

$115 (save $15)

Booking Fee for 10 sitter sessions

$235 (save $25)

Booking fee for 20 sitter sessions

$480 (save $40)

Payment for the sitters hourly rate is to be made directly to the babysitter, in cash
the day of the session. Please remember that a minimum of 3 hours is payable to the sitter.

Please see pricing table below for sitter’s fees

Sitter Rates

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AU$)

Day Time Care up until midnight  (maximum of 3 children) $1 extra per hour (after 3rd child)

From $25 per hr

After Midnight Care (regardless of child numbers)

From $30 per hr

Public holidays before midnight  (maximum of 3 children) $2 extra per hour (after 3rd child)

From $40 per hr

Public holidays midnight onwards (regardless of child numbers)

From $40 per hr

Overnight rates


Permanent rates


*Please note that this price list is to give you a rough guide as to how much a sitter should be paid p/h however it is between you and the sitter to negotiate and agree on an appropriate fee P/H.

Refund Policy

Pricing Table - all-inclusive. Cancelations may be made with 12 hours notice. Cancellations made with less than 12 hours notice are subject to half the minimum 3 hour sitter fee plus For Crying OutLoud!s agency booking fee. If a cancelation is made with more than 12 hours notice the client is not required to pay any costs associated with the sitter fees for the session, but the agency booking fee is non-refundable and For Crying OutLoud! will credit you with a coupon code valued to the amount of the agency booking fee for you to use within a 12 month period.